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The Mission Statement of our company

A friendly, respectful interaction based on honesty and co-operation is a top priority for us. We work with a focus on performance, quality and service. Punctuality and reliability are amongst our working bases, in the same way as an authentic and credible appearance.We co-operate in a constructive manner and adapt ourselves flexibly to social needs. Transparency, friendliness, openness and humaneness are central leadership principles of our company. Every single employee makes a major contribution to the overall result of our company with his / her work.

We expect from our employees:

  • Well-maintained appearance
  • Temporal flexibility
  • Good linguistic expressiveness in German and English
  • Communication competence
  • High engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience and stress resistance
  • Professional competence and interest
  • Good manners
  • That our values ​​are also lived